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Set-up Fees/Notes


Domain Name Registration
Years 1 2 3 5
Price $25 $45 $55 $85
Additional Disk Space - $10/Month per 100MB
Additional Data Transfer NA

$10/GB per Month
$5/GB if pre-paid

Domain Pointer Standard


$25 per Year

Domain Pointer Advanced
includes unique folder, User ID, password & 5 e-mail accounts for domain name.


$75 per Year

Machine Names NA

$25 per Year

Change to NIC Record

$25 NA
Domain Name Change $50 NA
Additional FTP/FrontPage User ID & Password $25 FREE

FTP Sub-account with
Unique ID & Password


$25 per Year

FrontPage Sub-account with Unique ID & Password NA $25 per Year
SSL Certificates


Additional Email Accounts - $2 per Month
Data, Server Applications and Database Access
Basic Backup Restoration $50 Additional fees may apply for detailed recoveries.
Site or SQL Server
Backups by Email

Order Now
  Monthly Weekly Daily
Web Site $3/mo $10/mo $60/mo
SQL $6/mo $20/mo $150/mo
FrontPage Database Ext. 
free on Plan 2 and Above
$15 $5 per Month
Additional ODBC
Data Source
$20 FREE
SQL Server Usage
plan 2 or Higher Only
$50 NA
Additional SQL Server
Disk Space

$5 per Month per 10MB

Maximum Purchasable
SQL Server Space per Plan:

Plan 2 100 MB
Plan 3 500 MB
Verity Collection $50 $10/Month
Statistical Reports
Web Access Reports (Webtrends + Awstats)

Reports all include Awstats available on your control panel and updated daily.

Distribution Schedule

Daily $36/mo
Weekly $10/mo
Monthly $3/mo
Live Awstats Reports
Updated many times every day.

$2.5 per month

Report Customization Starting at $50
Chat $100 $40/mo for 30 connections then $1ea
Online Forums
Plan 2 or Above Required
$50 $20/mo
ListServ $30 $10/mo for 1500 messages
Web Promotion
Mass Search Engine Registration $50 NA
Custom Promotion NA $65/hour
AuthentiX $50 Plus License

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