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Hideaway by Dean Koontz Hideaway

July 5, 2005

Koontz's novels crest bestseller lists not only for their heart-pounding horrors but also for their celebration of righteousness and redemption. Here, the author of Cold Fire, etc., offers his most overtly religious tale yet--a fiercely exciting battle between two men who have returned from the dead. The California-set conflict is as simple as good vs. evil. In a roaringly suspenseful opening, antique-dealer Hatch Harrison, the soul of sweetness, drowns during a car accident that nearly kills his wife Lindsey as well, and is surgically "reanimated" after a record 80 minutes dead...
The Vision by Dean Koontz The Vision

September 15, 1986

Mary Bergen is a clairvoyant, we join her in the opening pages as she guides the police to a house where she believes a killer is about to strike again. Her husband Max guides her gently through a series of visions as she sees through the killer's eyes and they finally find the house, the killer almost escapes and kills a police officer whom she warned to stay in the car. The killer is shot at the scene and as he expires, he sees Mary in the car and dies at the window shouting her name.
Shattered Whispers & Watchers by Dean Koontz Three Complete Novels - Dean R. Koontz - A New Collection (Shattered/Whispers/Watchers)

July 20, 1992

Three more electrifying thrillers by the new king of the genre. The New York Times #1 bestselling author's terrifying masterpieces: Watchers (his personal favorite), Whispers and Shattered, now for the first time in one hardcover edition.
Three Complete Novels : Cold Fire & Hideaway & The Key to Midnight by Dean Koontz Three Complete Novels : Cold Fire &
Hideaway &
The Key to Midnight

August 24, 2000

"Dean Koontz is not just a master of our darkest dreams, but a literary juggler." --The Times (London). In this compilation of chilling tales, he continues to captivate with complex characters and riveting suspense. A psychic and a reporter do battle with an unseen enemy in Cold Fire, while Hideaway explores the meaning of death and the transcendent power of love. In The Key to Midnight, published in hardcover for the first time, a woman awakes to find that her identity and memories have been manufactured for her.
The House of Thunder by Dean Koontz The House of Thunder

June 1, 1992

Koontz has come up with an intriguing premise: Susan Thornton wakes up in a hospital after a serious car accident with an odd, selective amnesia. She can remember nothing of her job, yet she is stricken with fear when the company she works for is named. And that's not all. Thirteen years earlier, Susan had witnessed the murder of her boyfriend during a brutal fraternity hazing; her testimony sent one of the four men responsible to prison. Now she sees the same men, looking not a day older, walking the corridors of the hospital. Even worse, she has recurrent macabre hallucinations involving them and the decomposing corpse of her boyfriend. Susan doubts her sanity until she stumbles upon a bit of hard evidence right out of one of the "hallucinations."
The Face by Dean Koontz The Face

April 27, 2004

In The Face, Koontz has created a modern fable for adults, taking the bones from tales of old and breathing new life into the characters. Clearly written for adults, The Face nevertheless channels the wit and wisdom of Aesop as well as the violence and villainy of the Brothers Grimm. While Koontz's penchant for elaborately singsong descriptions can be grating, ultimately it lends this tale its folkloric quality, i.e. "The June-bug jitter, scarab click, tumblebug tap of the beetle-voiced rain spoke at the window, click-click-click."


Sole Survivor by Dean Koontz Sole Survivor

April 4, 2000

In this book, Koontz pumps up the volume and gives his readers what they've come to expect from him: an expert mix of cover ups, cults, bizarre suicides, and a shocking twist at the end that keeps Sole Survivor racing along from one improbable but undeniably thrilling event to the next.
Seize the Night by Dean Koontz Seize the Night

November 30, 1999


Audio CD

Seize the Night offers up the same eclectic mix of characters that appeared in Fear Nothing: boardhead Bobby, disc jockey Sasha, Snow, and all of their friends band together to find the missing kids and figure out why the people of Moonlight Bay are morphing into demonic versions of their former selves. They outsmart corrupt cops, outrun genetically enhanced monkeys, and outlive a time warp with a vengeance--all between nightfall and sunrise, the only time that Snow can be outside.
Dragon Tears by Dean Koontz Dragon Tears

February 7, 2006


Audio CD

Koontz's best-seller relates the story of two Southern California police detectives who track down a demonic serial killer with paranormal abilities.
The Servants of Twilight / Darkfall / Phantoms by Dean Koontz Three Complete Novels (The Servants of Twilight / Darkfall / Phantoms)

July 27, 1991

Be prepared for spine-tingling overload, as three of Dean R. Koontz's scariest stories are combined into one terrifying edition. Complete and unabridged, the three novels incorporate the essential elements of a Koontz classic: ordinary people living uneventful lives suddenly flung into a supernatural web of ghoulish horror.
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