L. E. Modesitt Jr

Ghost trilogy

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Ghost series by L. E. Modesitt

Ghost of the White Nights Ghost of the White Nights :
 The final Book of the Ghost trilogy


This thriller completes the trilogy that began with Of Tangible Ghosts and The Ghost of the Revelator. Environmental scientist Dr. Johan Eschbach and his wife, the world-famous diva Llysette, travel to Romanov-ruled Russia for a cultural exchange and to investigate rumors of a deadly new technology controlled by the Russians. Modesitt's latest addition to the "Ghost" series (Of Tangible Ghosts, The Ghost of the Revelator) exhibits the author's graceful storytelling and unique vision. Fans of alternate history should enjoy this tale of deception and intrigue. A fitting addition for most sf collections.  
The Ghost of the Revelator The Ghost of the Revelator :
The Second Book of the Ghost trilogy
Following up on the inventive Of Tangible Ghosts, L.E. Modesitt Jr. takes us back to his balkanized, techno-colonial vision of America, an alternate history in which the English colony at Plymouth failed long ago and New France, Columbia, Quebec, and the Mormon state of Deseret scheme and scrap for control of the continent and its resources. A land of dirigibles and difference engines, Modesitt's eerily refined world is compelling and coolly original, a place where you still drive to work in a car--albeit steam-powered--but think nothing of waving good morning to the zombies raking leaves off your lawn.

Ghosts of Columbia

Ghosts of Columbia: Two Complete Novels of the Ghost trilogy: Of Tangible Ghosts and Ghost of the Revelator

Two Complete Novels of the Ghost trilogy:
Of Tangible Ghosts & Ghost of the Revelator

Of Tangible Ghosts Of Tangible Ghosts :
The First Book of the Ghost trilogy
Of Tangible Ghosts is the first novel in the Ghost series. As university professor and former government agent Johan Eshbach reluctantly returns to duty to investigate the death of a fellow teacher, he plunges into the midst of a deadly game of politics and murder. Set in an alternate world where the Dutch settlement of North America did not give way to the British, where "difference engines" handle information processing, and where the psychic energies of ghostly manifestations exert their influence over the living, Modesitt's latest novel transforms a cliched plot into a vivid exercise in historic speculation.

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