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Saga of Recluce

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Saga of Recluce

Book 13 (Paperback)
“This is one of the better ones in this sequence, a nice mix of intrigue and overt actions. . .I was entertained throughout, and that is all I really was looking for.” –Chronicle
Wellspring of Chaos Wellspring of Chaos
Saga of Recluce

Book 12 (Paperback)
"The prolific Modesitt's 12th Recluce fantasy, his first since 2001's Scion of Cyador, delights from start to finish. . . . .In a genre saturated with callow youngsters who grow into heroes, Modesitt effortlessly builds an epic adventure around an ordinary, middle-aged man. This marks a welcome new chapter in the Recluce saga, with the ending all but promising a sequel."-Publishers Weekly on Wellspring of Chaos
Scion of Cyador Scion of Cyador
Saga of Recluce

Book 11 (Paperback)
"Lacking the blind commitment necessary for the calling of a mage, Lorn'alt joins the Mirror Lancers of Cyador and quickly rises in the ranks through his tactical brilliance and willingness to break the rules. With success, however, comes rivalryDand as his land undergoes turmoil, Lorn and his family become targets for a host of enemies. Modesitt's latest novel in the "Recluce" series portrays the transformation of a talented young man into a determined and deadly warrior who struggles to maintain his compassion in the face of war's horrors. The author displays a rare talent for portraying the day-to-day affairs of a vividly detailed world in which chaos and order form a dynamic duality. A good choice for most fantasy collections." -- Library Journal
Magi'i of Cyador Magi'i of Cyador
The Saga of Recluce

Book 10 (Paperback)
"The bzyantine nature and political scheming of a declining empire are wonderfully woven into the most compelling of tales."--Romantic Times
Colors of Chaos Colors of Chaos
Saga of Recluce

Book 9 (Paperback)


"This entry's a direct sequel to the saga's most recent addition, The White Order (p. 539), which followed the boyhood of the future wizard Cerryl, and detailed his early adventures, revelations about his heritage, and his destiny to join the great and powerful magicians in the city Fairhaven. Readers will learn all about Cerryl's subsequent career as a White Order wizard, although, chronologically, the actions take place at the same time as a much earlier volume, The Magic Engineer (1994). Should please the fans. Its a pity, though, that the talented and versa tile Modesitt didn't choose to write something new." -- Kirkus Reviews
The White Order The White Order
Saga of Recluce

Book 8 (Paperback)
"Another episode the eighth so far in Modesitt's continuing battle between White (Chaos) magic and Dark (Order) magic (most recently, The Chaos Balance, 1997). Young orphan Cerryl discovers that he has a talent for glimpsing distant places and people in odd fragments of mirror; and in a mostly illiterate society, he has a hunger to learn how to read. Apprenticed to a kindly miller, whose daughter teaches him his letters, young Cerryl learns the truth about his magic-touched father, and resolves someday to travel to the city Fairhaven, stronghold of the most powerful Chaos magicians, and there discover his destiny. A quality series that's settled into a pleasantly understated, modestly involving groove." -- Kirkus Reviews
The Chaos Balance The Chaos Balance
Saga of Recluce

Book 7 (Paperback)
"A writer of exceptional fantasy, Mr. Modesitt leaves the reader in no doubt about the price of power and the bittersweet triumph of the human spirit in this splendid new Recluce adventure."--Romantic Times

"Modesitt's many fans will enjoy this, as will any reader who relished intricate plotting, sympathetic characters, and action galore."--Publishers Weekly

"A sturdy addition to a superior series."--Kirkus Reviews
Fall of Angels Fall of Angels
Saga of Recluce

Book 6 (Paperback)
"The latest novel in Modesitt's Recluce series is one of the best and most accessible for readers new to the saga....Will hold existing series fans and probably recruit some new ones." --Booklist
The Death of Chaos The Death of Chaos
Saga of Recluce

Book 5 (Paperback)
"Modesitt's leisurely narrative pace belies the steady buildup of tension in a fantasy that belongs in most libraries." --Library Journal
The Order War The Order War
Recluce series

Book 4 (Paperback)
"Although at times his villains seem a touch unsophisticated and even simpleminded for the evil they perpetrate, Modesitt creates a deeper and more intricate world with each volume." --Publisher's Weekly
The Magic Engineer The Magic Engineer
Recluce series

Book 3 (Paperback)
"A young smith with healing talents, exiled from the land of Recluce for his desire to work with the stuff of chaos, becomes the fulcrum for a war between the forces of chaos and order. This latest novel in Modesitt's "Recluce" series demonstrates the author's subtle storytelling, as the everyday lives of her characters intertwine with events of epic proportions. Grand fantasy on a small scale, this intelligently crafted novel deserves consideration by most libraries." -- Library Journal
The Towers of the Sunset The Towers of the Sunset
Recluce series

Book 2 (Paperback)
"A complex world based on a plausible system of magic." -Publishers Weekly

"I could not put it down. This is an outstanding fantasy tale." -Andre Norton

The Magic of Recluce The Magic of Recluce
Recluce series

Book 1 (Paperback)
"A complex world based on a plausible system of magic and peopled with engaging and realistic characters." --Publishers Weekly

"Entwining issues of magic with maturation, Modesitt's thoughtful coming-of-age tale is adorned with a finely drawn, down-to-earth yet dangerous world, and an intriguingly ambiguous view of how good and evil interact." --Carole Nelson Douglas, author of Probe
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