L. E. Modesitt Jr

The Eternity Artifact by L. E. Modesitt

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The Eternity Artifact (Hardcover)

The Eternity Artifact

"Modesitt supports his vision with deep political, economic and cultural knowledge and speculation, producing a world that actually makes its own kind of sense. . . . His people are genuine inhabitants of this world, not transplanted 20th-century souls."
--Science Fiction Weekly on Flash

"This novel doesn't fall into the trap of making futuristic Earth denizens less than human or creating complicated technology just for show....Corporate conspiracies, rigged elections and the ubiquity of advertising are just a few of the issues Modesitt takes on, and he deftly handles the complicated plot threads."
--Romantic Times on Flash

"A well conceived, suspenseful thriller which also examines an all too plausible corruption of democracy."
--Chronicle on Flash

"Flash is a classic thriller...Modesitt makes deVrai's daily routines interesting through his meticulous narrative and when deVrai steps out of his routine there is plenty of action."
--The Denver Post


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