L. E. Modesitt Jr

Scion of Cyador by L. E. Modesitt

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Scion of Cyador (Recluce series, Book 11) (Paperback)
Scion of Cyador

Lacking the blind commitment necessary for the calling of a mage, Lorn'alt joins the Mirror Lancers of Cyador and quickly rises in the ranks through his tactical brilliance and willingness to break the rules. With success, however, comes rivalryDand as his land undergoes turmoil, Lorn and his family become targets for a host of enemies. Modesitt's latest novel in the "Recluce" series portrays the transformation of a talented young man into a determined and deadly warrior who struggles to maintain his compassion in the face of war's horrors. The author displays a rare talent for portraying the day-to-day affairs of a vividly detailed world in which chaos and order form a dynamic duality. A good choice for most fantasy collections.
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