L. E. Modesitt Jr

The Ghost of the Revelator by L. E. Modesitt

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Ghost trilogy by L. E. Modesitt

The Ghost of the Revelator (Ghost trilogy) (Hardcover)
The Ghost of the Revelator

"Both morally persuasive and emotionally wrenching."--The New York Times on Adiamante

"Meticulously extrapolated...Alternate world tales and espionage thrillers both demand an abundance of intricate detail to be convincing and Modesitt doesn't stint for either thread of his narrative."--The Washington Post Book World on Of Tangible Ghosts

"A mystery with an other-wordly difference. Modesitt deftly works out what the political and social consequences might have been had ghosts actually existed."--Jack McDevitt on Of Tangible Ghosts


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